Relap Terms of Use

This presents the Relap Terms of Use document (hereinafter called TU). It is an offer from the limited liability company Surfingbird (hereinafter called Relap) to the user of the Internet (hereinafter called User) to provide a service (hereinafter called Service) usage agreement on following terms.

1. The usage of service by a user is regulated by TU.

User agrees to become acquainted with all Regulatory documents and is liable for any risks which may follow from not reading aforementioned documents.

2. The TU and all relations between Relap and User which come out of usage of Service are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation . In all parts of TU, unless otherwise expressly stated, 'regulations’ means both laws of the Russian Federation and the laws of the User's place of residence.

3. Service provides User with a free option to make personal content recommendations for the users of his or her website.

4. By registering for a Service and using any of the Service's functions, User agrees to all conditions of TU and is obliged to comply with them or stop using the Service.

5. While using the Service, User must comply with all conditions of TU and current laws regulating protection of private data, correspondence of User's website/application visitors and any other information, access to which is limited by the law and which can be stored during the use of Service.

6. The User is responsible for the safety of his or her [login], [password] and [API-key] and has no right to pass them to third parties. All actions made with User's [login], [password] and [API-key] shall be taken to be made by the User.

7. Service (including information gathered with the aid of its resources) is provided by Relap as is. Relap does not guarantee that Service will meet User's purposes and expectations, that it will work without any interruptions or errors overall and in parts, and also does not guarantee the accuracy of the data provided by the Service. Relap is not responsible and does not provide redress for any direct or circumstantial damage dealt to the User or third parties as a result of usage or loss of use of Service as well as due to usage or loss of use of information provided by Service.

8. The User is solely responsible to third parties for his or her actions while using the Service which includes their adherence to the law and non-infringement of rights and legal interests of third parties. This includes personal non-material assets and other intellectual property of third parties and any other encroachment on non-material assets. The User is obliged to settle all claims made by third parties connected to his or her actions while using Service independently and at his or her own expense.

9. Relap uses Cookies and other technologies for tracking use of the Service. This data is needed for providing access to the Service, for targeting of the advertisement shown to the visitors of User’s site or users of User’s mobile application. The data is also used for statistical and research purposes and for improving Service’s functionality and quality. The data about each visitor to User’s site and mobile application user includes: URL, IP-address, browser type, language, date and time of the query. The User has a right to refuse providing this data or disable Cookies, but in this case Relap does not guarantee correct functioning of all Service’s features. The structure, content and technical specs of Cookie files are defined by Relap and can be changed without notifying the User. The User expresses his/her consent that to achive aforementioned goals Relap can provide third parties with the data described in current paragraph of the Agreement according to separate agreements provided that the third parties guarantee confidentiality of received information.

10. The User accepts and agrees that Service anonymously (without connection to the personal data of website/application visitors) collects data about [visits to User's website/end user's device and his or her usage of User's mobile application] and automatically transfers it to Relap which analyses it to gather generalized statistic information available for further use with Service both to User and Relap.

11. The User is informed by this document and agrees that Relap does not know and can not know what information is contained in the data recorded by counters installed on User’s site pages or by the library in User’s mobile application, as well as what information is recorded during visits logging and can not determine whether it contains any personal data, correspondence or any other information that has restrictions on transfer, processing and distribution (referred later as Protected data) or not. The Service functions in a fully automatic mode, it does not analyze content and meaning of the information contained on web pages, in mobile applications or entered by users into form on web pages or mobile applications. The Service  records information in full irrespective of its content. Relap does not modify data recorded by counters / software libraries including visit logs in any way. Relap does not undertake any steps for collecting, processing and distributing of personal data, correspondence or other Protected data related to User’s website visitors/ mobile application users. Based on the above the User understands that he/she can get access to the Protected data as a result of using the Service and pledges not to take any steps directed towards collecting such information and also pledges to adhere to the current legislation about collecting, processing and protection of personal data and other Protected data received as a result of using the Service. The User assumes sole responsibility for the risks connected with collecting such Protected data and for any possible violation of legal requirements associated with that.

12. By this document the User is informed and agrees that Relap has a right to use aforementioned data and information, change the order in which recommendations are provided, change algorithms and contents.

13. Relap does not guarantee that usage of Service, collection, processing and information transfer to Relap conform to legislation of User's place of residence. User uses the Service at his or her sole risk and independently assumes all risks connected with his or her usage of Service, including gathering and use of information by User.

14. Relap has a right to stop or cease access to Service without notice, without giving any reasons and at its sole discretion, particularly when a user violates the conditions of this TU.

14.1. In case a website spreads pirated or other content that is illegal due to the Russian law, reserves the right to deny the use of the Service and other services provided by the Company.

15. All complaints connected with usage/loss of use of Service shall be sent to:

16. Relap has a right to change the text of this TU and/or any other terms of use of Service. Current TU is located at the following URL: